FAQ'S - Gold Coast Waxing Service

Is the wax recycled or reused?

No. The wax is not reused or recycled.  I use both Hot Wax (Hard Wax) for sensitive areas and strip wax for legs, arms, and to remove any stubborn or fine hairs that haven't already been removed with hard wax to ensure the best result everytime.  The wax is then discarded along with the unwanted hair and the used disposable wooden waxing utensils.

Do you double dip the spatula into the wax?

No. I use disposable wooden wax utensils so that I am able to keep my Wax uncontaminated from dirt and germs.

Do you use the Wax Cartridge system?

No. I find the wax cartridge system more painful and less effective, and therefore I use disposable wooden wax utensils.

How long does the hair have to be?

The hair needs to be a minimum length of 5mm to 10mm in order for the wax to be able to grip well, there is no maximum length, if it is too long I can trim it if necessary.
Can I pay by EFTPOS?

I am happy to receive payment by Card or paypal on my website booking online page. Or you can choose to pay by Cash or Visa on the day.
What if I am late for my appointment?

Each appointment is booked for a specific time, If you turn up late it may shorten your appointment time.  Please notify me if you are likely to be late, my best advice is to aim to be on time to receive the best waxing experience that is not rushed.

What if I forget or miss my appointment?

Each appointment is booked for you specifically with me, and as my time is valuable I ask that you please notify me 24hours before your appointment time if you need to reschedule or if you are unable to attend.  I understand that emergencies sometimes arise and I am a reasonable person.  In general however I ask that you respect my time and keep your appointments so my day can run as planned.

Do you wax Ladies Only?

Yes, I am a Ladies only waxing salon.

What should I expect at a Home Waxing Salon?

At your appointment time you will be greeted at the door and taken to my Dedicated Waxing room, which is complete with a Waxing/Massage Table, Fresh Linen and Disposable G Strings for Brazilians, There is a private balcony off the wax room so you can relax and enjoy the uninterrupted ocean view from the Waxing table.  I will leave the room allowing privacy while you prepare for your treatment. 

What is the benefits of attending a Home Waxing Salon?

As it is in the privacy of my Personal home, you need not feel embarrassed sitting in a waiting room with other potential clients, you also have the time allotment as booked and I aim to run to schedule so that there is no needless wait time.  You will receive the same service by me each and everytime, which can remove the uncomfortable feeling of meeting and feeling awkward with a different wax therapist.  A main benefit of my home waxing salon is that I am offering extended hours so you can book your wax appointment outside of your usual working hours, including weekends (if you are quick as these appointments book out quickly!) Another plus is that I don't have the high overheads of a regular Salon I am able to offer you unbeatable waxing prices, Did I mention the uninterrupted ocean view from the waxing room!

Do you offer appointments for multiple people?

Yes, you can prebook consecutive appointment times so you can come together if you like, you can offer each other moral support, or for your privacy one person can relax on the private balcony with an ocean view and swap at the end of your treatment.

It's my first wax, can i bring a friend for support?

Yes, you can come together if you like, for moral support, or for your privacy one person can relax on the private balcony with an ocean view and swap at the end of your treatment.


"I was so impressed at how comfortable i was, i have never had a brazilian and expected a lot of pain, however it was not painful, Thankyou Tracy.”



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