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After Care

There are many things that impact the final wax results.

The day before... Loofah your body with a damp loofah prior to having a shower, which is the best way to remove the layer of dead skin cells.  Using a gentle circular motion, concentrating on dry areas such as elbows, knees and ankles.

Our lives are so busy, we may forget to moisturise, however it is very important that after our shower, the day before our wax that we moisturise our body, once again I reiterate that knees and ankles are areas that are normally dry and need special attention.

To keep your legs and body feeling silky smooth, a good habit of a PH neutral soap free body wash and a loofah at least once a week will allow the hair to grow back with less chance of ingrown hairs.


What to expect...

At my private home salon, you will be able to inform me of any allergies or poor experiences you may have experienced in past waxing treatments.

I will apply a sanitiser, oil remover which will cleanse the skin of any sweat or dirt, ensuring the pores are not exposed to germs.

There are different types of wax that can be used...

STRIP wax will be used on large areas such as legs, tummy, arms.  HARD wax is used for sensitive areas such as underams, bikini line, brazilian, face.

If you have been overly sensitive in your past waxing experiences, please let me know and I can wax smaller areas at a time reducing the pain.

At the completion of your waxing, a wax removing oil /soothing moisturiser is applied immediately soothing the skin.  On all leg waxes you receive a relaxing mini massage, helping the oil to penetrate the skin.

Did you know?

The ancient Egyptians did this long before suburban house wives discovered the bikini wax. A smooth and hairless body was the standard of beauty, youth and innocence for a woman in Egypt. The wife of the divine Pharoah set the example and every Egyptian woman took care that there was not a single hair on her body. They used depilatory creams and waxed with a sticky emulsion made of oil and honey.


Later, the Greeks adopted this ideal of smoothness. The Greeks thought pubic hair on women was ugly and upper class ladies removed it.


In the sixties, smoothness was rediscovered with the invention of the bikini, and today many woman remove hair somewhere on their bodies. It is the fashion to have smooth armpits, legs, bikini lines. Today, even men are getting smooth. The greater "exposure" of athletes & models continue to lend to the trend.


"I was so impressed at how comfortable i was, i have never had a brazilian and expected a lot of pain, however it was not painful, Thankyou Tracy.”



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