Why do we get red bumps after waxing?

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Ouch!!! Firstly the slight sting of the wax and then the red bumps that remain after the wax. "Why do I put myself through this?" you may wonder at times.

There are ways you can lessen the pain of waxing and also the red bumps that can remain afterward.


Days before your wax concentrate on your water intake. Yes that's correct. The amount of water you drink has an impact on how easily the hairs are removed. So drink at least 2 litres of water a day.


Removing the dry skin is essential in a getting a good result, therefore 2-3 days before your wax, it is best to go crazy with a good body scrub. Using a loofah on a regular basis is the best advice any wax therapist will give you. One thing that may not have been mentioned is "how to loofah?" For best results use a wet loofah (with your body wash) on a dry body! Before you enter the shower, wet your loofah and in a quick circular motion rub the loofah around your body, concentrate on dry skin areas such as elbows, knees and ankles, It is also good to stimulate fat cells in the bum and thighs while at it. This need only take 1-2 mins and if habitually performed can become second nature.


Our skin can be likened to a loaf of bread, the top layer that forms is like the crust. We all know that it is difficult to cut through a crusty loaf of bread but yet inside is a delicious crumbly soft inside. Therefore we need to moisturise our skin leading up to our wax (** Important note however is to avoid any moisturiser on the skin the day of your wax as it will prevent a good adhesion between the wax and the hairs) Choose a moisturiser that does not include alcohol base or salicylic acids which can thin the skin and can result in irritation or wax burn. An organic based Coconut Oil is a practical choice, however most moisturisers that you regularly use will be fine.


Ingrown hairs being are the common reason for those red bumps that linger. Ingrown hairs happen because hair grows back and gets trapped under the skin. That hair can sometimes get inflamed or painful. If all of the above is performed, and there remains some ingrown hairs there are many products on the market to help reduce the severity and number of ingrown hairs, I personally recommend Bump Eraiser and this has a Treatment cream for inflamed bumps, as well as a soothing spray for continual hydration and a lotion which claims to prevent ingrown hairs and also reduce the amount of hair that grows. Speak to me in regard to these products at your next appointment.


At times the red bumps remain due to simply sensitive skin. In this case there are some simple home remedies that may help, generally speaking most irritation will subside quite quickly and it is normal to have some red dots and bumps after a wax, however applying some milk can help soothe the skin, another beneficial ongoing treatment may be the application of witch hazel which is a skin toner, and lastly aloe vera gel has healing properties in it and can help speed up the recovery time. Always notify your wax therapist of sensitive skin or previous irritations prior to your wax.

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