Waxing vs Shaving - The truth of the matter

So many people have an opinion on whether we should be shaving or waxing... Well there are so many factors that come into it so it certainly requires all the facts in order to make an informed decision.

Firstly lets look at some of the reasons people prefer shaving.

1. It is quick and easy.

Yes, it can be performed without much pre planned effort, it can be done leaning over or sitting on the edge of the bath or whilst showering.

2. It is cheap.

If you purchase disposable razors at $5-15 per pack, you can simply add it to your weekly shopping and thus don't notice any extra outlay to have hair free legs

3. Less Pain.

Shaving cuts the hair at the angle you apply the razor, therefore it can be relatively pain free. (As long as you don't cut or nick yourself and don't get shaving rash)

Did you know??? Facts of shaving.

It is believed that as far back as a few 1000BCE both men and women were using all sorts of methods to remove unwanted hair. However the women from around 500BCE were known to use the pumice stone and early versions of what we now call a disposable razor blade to rid their body of unsightly hair.

As time moves forward and each generation brings a new fashion and style of dress and grooming, in the early 1900's with the dress style becoming more scant, we find models exposing arms and in turn underarms (freshly shaved I may add). Throughout time many different razors, straight blade, disposable razors, reusable razors and the list goes on have flooded the market appealing to young and old.

Now lets turn to the reasons for waxing...

1. Hair removal from the root for long lasting results.

During the waxing process, the wax is applied to the hair and upon removal takes the hair from the hair follicle with the root still attached. This means that instead of the hair growing back within a day or two, the hair will take time to grow the length of the hair follicle before it even appears on the surface of the skin. As it is fresh hair, you will notice a difference in the thickness of the hair and the appearance of the skin. When one or two hair may originally be present in the hair follicle, usually just one will grow back. Therefore waxing results may vary from 2-6 weeks before you need to be waxed again. Yes that's correct, imagine being hair free for that long! Ask a regular waxer and they will vouch for the fact that the hair is finer, thinner and less prominent, some women find the hair is so sparce that it is almost completely gone.

2. Less skin irritation.

With daily shaving the skin can become inflamed and irritated. Waxing however causes less irritation and whilst at first the skin may be red and dotty, once that settles (sometimes as little as 10mins if at all) the skin then remains soft and smooth without razor burn and shaving rash. Areas such as the bikini line and Brazilian (where the hair may be coarser) may produce even greater results. No more prickly skin, no more scratchy cuddles after a day or two, no more dark shadow under the skin.

3. Cost.

If you find an affordable waxing salon, the cost of the once a month fee divided up, will no doubt equate to similar cost or maybe even less than a packet of razors and shaving cream weekly.

However even if the cost of waxing works out to be more, don't forget the added benefit of being hair free at an earlier age than if you were to shave consistently. Calculate the cost also of less shower time (hehe)

4. Ask your boyfriend...

Nothing beats a smooth girlfriend to cuddle up to, no need to rush off for a quick shave at the mention of a day at the beach or pool. No prickly legs and hairy armpits, the waxing results are worth it.

And here we go, fun facts of waxing!!!

As you can read in my webpage the ancient Egyptians were first to set the trend in waxing and it was believed it was the standard of beauty, youth and innocence for a woman in Egypt. Later the Greeks adopted this habit as they believed hair on women was ugly and most upper class women removed it.

In the 1920's with the flapper dresses being shorter, more women turned to hair removal techniques, and this continued through the ages and trends. In the 1960's smoothness was rediscovered with the invention of the bikini, and down to our day with the bikini becoming smaller and more revealing the custom is to remove hair, full Brazilian, to bum cheeks and tummy, as well as the common places Leg waxing, Underarms (also known as armpits) and Bikini line.

And there you have it... The Debate shall continue to the ends of time, however now you are armed with the facts and you can make a personal decision, "To Wax or Not to Wax... that is the question!"

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