Why are waxed legs so sexy?

Leg waxing Gold coast,

There is something mesmerising about long smooth shiny legs in a short skirt! But why are waxed legs so sexy?

When the hair is completely removed from the hair follicle it leaves the skin glowing, add to it a nice tea tree oil or coconut oil and they are sure to grab your attention, the skin has no dark shadow where the hair remains in the follicle thus giving it a flawless look.

How to get the full benefit of your wax will be discussed in another blog but for now, concentrate on how you feel when you are silky smooth, no fuzz, no hair, no fluff just smooth shiny hair free legs...Most of how we look feel reflects fully from how we feel, when we are dressed up and well prepared we can conquer the world!

Therefore having our legs waxed regularly leaves more time for the other things in life, no need to worry about shaving before going out, there's nothing worse than having just one days growth yet wanting to go out without stubble and trying to quickly reshave which may result in shaving rash, irritation or razor burn, or the awkward moment when someone runs there hand up your leg only to receive some kind of sandpaper burn from your shave 2 days earlier (gaaaah)

Therefore Waxed legs are so sexy as it shows the personal care you have gone to in advance to feel beautiful, to prepare yourself for anything and thus you walk with your head held high, and that in itself makes you even more beautiful.

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