Sugaring or waxing...

Have you heard of the latest craze.. Sugaring?

Well in fact whilst we are now more aware that such a thing exists, it has infact existing longer than many people are aware. Just like waxing sugaring dates back to ancient egypt! So the question arises, what is best? Waxing or sugaring...

Body Sugaring employs the use of sugar wax or paste created from sugar, water and lemon juice. The mixture is applied to unwanted hair, smoothed on in the opposite direction of growth. It is applied at room temperature and the same piece is often used over and again removing hair as it goes.

The one thing to consider is that in order for the paste to work properly, the consistency has to be just right. This can be difficult to accomplish at home, and many people choose to go the safer route with spa appointments. Some say that sugaring is gentler on the skin and it attaches to the hair rather than the skin and therefore can be a little fiddly to remove the hair completely.

The negatives is that it can be difficult to get the consistency right and therefore after the initial 3-5minutes kneading one small piece of the product, if it doesn't stick well and rolls off the skin you may need to play around with water and try to get it to adhere... Some also say that since it is applied against the hair growth it can have the tendency to break the hair which in turn can cause ingrown hairs.

The second negative is that since you are using a small piece to go over the area, it can miss patches and be less thorough than waxing, So before you book your sugaring session some questions you should ask your therapist...

*Is it home made or shop bought product?

*How long has she been working with this method?

*How long will the treatment take?

*How long will the results last?

Now over to waxing...

Find out some benefits of waxing below.

Leg and Arm Waxing: After pre-wax spray has sanitised the skin the Strip wax is applied to the front half of the lower leg, In a smooth motion the strip is applied with the hair and removed against the hair growth removing both the hair and the root. This process is repeated until the wax is removed. The entire front half of the lower leg may be completely waxing in a few minutes. We then move on to the front half of a bent knee, since the entire section is covered with wax at a time, there is less chance of patches being missed.

Brazilian/ Bikini / Underarm waxing: The skin is prepared the same way, then the hard wax is applied to the skin in small sections, working to remove the hair without the need for a wax strip. This wax is designed to dry and therefore can be flaked off if small shards remain. The wax is a thicker texture than strip wax and is pressed into the hair, the skin is then held taut and the wax removed in a quick upward motion (keeping it close the skin to prevent hair breakage). If you are to inspect the hair you will find the root still attached thus providing a long time before the hair grows again and will need to be waxed again.

Many people comment on how smooth their skin feels after the wax as it removes the dry skin around the area with it. Is this a concern?

Did you know... The average human loses approximately 30,000-40,000 skin cells every hour, therefore if some are removed during the waxing process it allows for fresh cells to grow.

Which hurts more.. Sugaring or waxing?

Its controversial! I guess those who prefer sugaring would say it hurts less and those who favour waxing would likewise say the same for waxing, the main thing to remember is that if done correctly and by a experienced therapist the pain will be temporary and the results long lasting.

Sugaring waxing

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